Cryptocurrency traders are often juggling accounts on three or more exchanges, requiring them to bounce between different interfaces to manage their accounts and making it difficult to track their overall portfolio of assets.

Coygo Inc., a San Diego-based company, offers a solution that allows traders to connect their accounts on any exchange and use a single secure, unified interface to track their portfolio, submit trades, view real-time charts and indicators, and manage their accounts. “Every exchange, one app” as their CEO Evan Francis describes it.

Trade Like a Pro with Coygo, a Secure Multi-Exchange Trading Terminal

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When asked why cryptocurrency traders would choose Coygo, Francis said “Coygo offers many features that help traders to track and manage their various accounts. In addition, Coygo is currently the only trading terminal solution that allows traders to actively monitor and trade across multiple exchanges simultaneously without requiring our users to forfeit their API keys or account credentials to a third party’s servers.

Our users’ exchange API keys are only stored encrypted on their devices, they never touch our servers. We provide all of the tools necessary for a trader’s day-to-day workflow, and all interactions with exchanges are sent directly from our users’ machines, we never have access to your accounts or your funds and there is no possibility of us losing your API keys as we never hold them.”

Currently Coygo supports connecting accounts on Binance, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, and Poloniex, with support for more exchanges in the works.

Users can track their portfolio and submit market, limit or stop-loss orders to all of their exchanges while viewing real-time price charts and technical analysis indicators. Transfer between wallets, cancel open orders, view aggregated trade and transfer history, track wallet balances and a whole lot more.

Trade Like a Pro with Coygo, a Secure Multi-Exchange Trading Terminal

Coygo has been releasing updates at a steady pace, a constant feedback loop with their beta users has ensured that each change brings much-needed new features that day traders need to better find opportunities and execute trading strategies in the fast-paced cryptocurrency markets.

With an emphasis on speed, security, and ease-of-use, they aim to provide the single best solution for cryptocurrency traders during their daily workflow.

Any United States residents who are interested in participating in the beta and helping shape the future of Coygo’s development are welcome to sign up now at or contact the team with any questions.

Those who are interested in keeping up with Coygo’s development can follow them on Medium, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Trade Like a Pro with Coygo, a Secure Multi-Exchange Trading Terminal

Trade Like a Pro with Coygo, a Secure Multi-Exchange Trading Terminal

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